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Mission Statement

Christians’ Israel Public Action Campaign (CIPAC) is the only registered lobby in Washington DC, that represents Christians and Jews in the United States and worldwide who recognize the People and the State of Israel as the fulfillment of biblical prophecy.


CIPAC to Spend Each Day Moving Congress & Campaigns Israel’s Way

It has become clear that CIPAC must spend the next 90 days in an all-out campaign to move Congress and the election campaigns Israel’s way, i.e., to align with the uniquely powerful five point agenda we adopted at our recent mid-year, mid-America conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This includes (1) countering Iran’s threats, (2) developing US Mideast strategy, (3) recognizing Jerusalem, (4) explaining Peace Initiative perils, and (5) de-funding sponsors and enablers of terror.

Although CIPAC has had many successes over the years against the forces that oppose Israel and America, I am sure our greatest victories over evil lie ahead.

Since I returned to Washington, I have found that most pro-Israel groups and leaders are discouraged, despondent or desperate as they watch the election campaigns and the prospects for US-Israel relations.

Therefore we are abandoning other plans for the next three months, starting Monday, August 8, to devote all our time, attention and resources to lobbying actions to establish and advance our strong agenda for a new, pro-active program of US support for Israel and the Jewish people worldwide. As we will explain further in the days ahead, this involves the five key action areas adopted in Tulsa to move Congress to act now, plus robust grassroots actions, in cooperation with other organizations, to commemorate the Holocaust and other catastrophes that have befallen the Jewish people throughout history. Let these memories motivate us to eliminate resurgent antisemitism, incitement to genocide and especially boycotts, divestment and sanctions aimed at Israel – even by our own US government!

Underlying all of this is my sense that America, not Israel, is the principal target today of radical, Jihadist terrorists , including the Iran regime, and that only by the closest connections – and cooperation – with Israel can America be saved from the imminent destruction our failed policy has invited. Israel, by comparison, while threatened by enemies all around, is more aware of the threats and better prepared to respond effectively.

Thus, although I’ve been eager to return to Israel soon with a group of CIPAC leaders to study exciting new aspects of the Land and the People, we will have to postpone this mission until after the November elections.

I am excited about this new plan to raise the level of advocacy to Congress and the election campaigns above what anyone has done this year and so I am contacting many others to join us in the battle.

To help us advance the action plan and to give us the weapons to win:

* Please continue your advocacy and emails to Congress via and,

* Renew membership in CIPAC at either site,

* Increase your tax-deductible contributions or start a monthly giving plan at (ask us for ways to give securities, gold or other tangible valuables to MERCL),

* Plan to meet your Congress members at home now and to join me in Washington to walk the corridors of Congress in September, when I will be up on the Hill every day they are in session, and

* Don’t forget to express your interest in our exciting, enhanced, Israel mission following the November elections – and enlist others – to show our Israeli friends that, regardless of election results, US public support for Israel is stronger, more specific and more action-oriented than ever.

We are all in for Israel and US security – as you can see – and we invite you to join us in the fight!

Best to all of you, my fellow soldiers,

Richard Hellman

Founder and President

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